Effectiveness of Conversational Marketing in RCS Business Messaging

Over the years, building real-time conversations with prospective clients is incredibly important for every business. Research done by Hubspot shows that 80% to 90% of consumers want to have an immediate response when they have questions about marketing, sales, customer queries etc. Sending emails to customers may get lost, so this leverages having a live chat option in their messaging inbox.

Conversational marketing means engaging the customer via chatbots. It creates two- way dialogues to engage with customers and offers better opportunities to have personalized conversations. Like how RCS has a significant role in conversational commerce and it equally has a significant role in Conversational marketing as well. RCS Business Messaging provides an opportunity to revitalize the messaging channels as it is poised to be the future of business communication.

Effectiveness of Conversational Marketing in RCS Business Messaging:

Better buying experience:

It’s the buying experience, not the product or service which leaves the last impression on the customers. By ensuring these customers can engage with your business as per their convenience. Think about an app for cab booking. You open it and then search for a cab and after a few steps you get confirmation. In RCS Business Messaging. It’s just one click away, you can book a Taxi without going through such a long procedure within the default messaging ecosystem.

Builds customer relationship:

Conversational marketing helps in building and nurturing customer relationships. Relationships lead to recurring buyers and loyal customers which is one of the brand’s strongest assets. RCS Business Messaging gives a personalized experience to its customers with natural conversations which opens the opportunity to cross-sell their products using carousels, rich cards and quick replies. For instance, if a customer needs to buy groceries, it can be done via RCS by choosing the products using its rich features and purchasing it. The next time the customer uses RCS to buy groceries, it can help you with suggested replies based on your past orders. It will lead to increased customer engagement thus builds long term customer relationships.

Single communication channel:

Customers always want a single communication channel for their communication whether it be P2P or P2A. When your default messaging inbox will have rich features, customers will move to RCS. They will opt for a communication channel that is quick and intuitive. A significant proportion of customers like the convenience offered by RCS Business Messaging as a wide set of features are already been pre-installed rather than downloading a new app. It reduces the need to swap between different apps to make a single transaction. Thus it removes unnecessary stress from communicating and makes customers have more communication with brands.

Optimize Re-engagements:

Brands can manage their campaigns, offers and optimize re-engagements based on the past purchase history, shopping patterns or alerts opted for a particular purchase using machine learning. For instance, if you have a limited period offer as part of a summer sale for a scarf or a pair of sunglasses, the customer can be targeted based on this data and the offer can be sent accordingly. In this way, you can target the customers who weren’t able to purchase that particular product in the previous instance.

Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS):

As NPS is one of the key outcomes in conversational marketing, NPS measures the loyalty that exists between your company and your customers. A survey of customers is done to calculate the NPS and asking them to answer between a number from 0 to 10. The retailers carry out surveys through RCS Business messages asking questions like ‘How likely are you to recommend our store based on your experience of shopping here?’. This NPS survey will help you to identify the gaps so that you can make adjustments and improve customer experience.

Increase conversion rates:

Using RCS Business Messaging, there is the ease of customizing the campaign by providing app-like functionality where they can send high-resolution images, videos, PDF, GIFs which makes it more interactive and maintains customer loyalty. If an event management company wants to send promotional offers for VISA and Mastercard Credit Cardholders the customers can opt for those deals by buying tickets with additional features like check event timings and can also access maps and get directions for the same.

We are living in the digital age where delivering the right user experience is important as customer’s expectations have no boundaries due to stiff competition with its competitors. Conversational marketing fits well in the RCS Business Messaging, as it gives personality to the brands. RCS Business Messaging stimulates to build strong and loyal relationships with customers. It’s time to opt for the next generation of mobile messaging and turn your focus on real-time communications.

Source: https://routemobile.com/blog/effectiveness-of-conversational-marketing-in-rcs-business-messaging/