How to Elevate Customer Engagement with 2 – way SMS

In this mobile era, mobile phones are a staple of everyday life. We now have unprecedented access to a world of information. A tap of the button allows us to communicate with friends, family and businesses all around the globe, mobile phones are essential for keeping us informed and connected.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley declared the mobile movement as the fifth major technology cycle of the past 50 years.

With more people than ever before using mobile phones from online shopping to banking, ordering dinner to planning a holiday, SMS notifications remain a key tool for businesses.

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, SMS enjoys an open rate of 98%, far exceeding that of other channels such as email. Second, the average response rate for SMS is 45%, while the click-through rate is approximately 36%, according to a study by Fun Mobility.

The opportunities for business SMS are wide-ranging. From customer feedback and appointment reminders to product promotions, loyalty programs and security authentication, SMS is an invaluable resource for businesses wanting to communicate quickly, directly and effectively.

2 – Way SMS

Communication is most effective when it is two-way. 2-way SMS facilitates exactly that. Moreover, it is a cost and resource-effective way of engaging with customers. Furthermore, since 82% of consumers keep notifications on for their native text messaging app, their attention is gained almost instantly.

2 – way SMS communication allows the consumer to engage hassle-free with the feeling of intimate one-on-one customer service.

So how businesses are using 2-way text messages to engage with their customers? And how can your business do it too?

SMS Appointment Reminders

SMS Reminders are an ideal way to remind your customers of upcoming appointments, reducing the incidence of ‘no-shows’. With 2-way SMS, you can take this a step further by allowing customers to respond back immediately.

For example, a customer may have forgotten about an upcoming hair appointment and have made other commitments. An SMS scheduled before the appointment will remind the customer of the booking, while a 2-way SMS may, for example, allows them to reschedule quickly and easily.

Other industries, such as hospitality, are also utilizing 2 – way texts for their booking confirmations. 2-way SMS allows restaurant managers to streamline cancellations and confirmations, enabling them to maximize their restaurant space.

SMS For Effective Rostering

The international SMS gateways owners offering a wide range of Bulk SMS APIs that enables our customer’s software to communicate with others. This allows businesses the option of sending messages from their chosen administrative software.

SMS Templates are also an option and are quick and easy to set up and use.

SMS reminders to reduce late payments

Invoices and invoice reminders are a necessary part of doing business. Many businesses will also, at some point, face issues with cash flow due to late payments withheld by clients. In many cases, late payment is a simple oversight by customers.

Following up on late payments by phone can be an uncomfortable experience for both parties. SMS is an ideal tool for this important task – and by using SMS, businesses can alleviate cashflow issues enormously.

The Australian Government and a major local bank trialled SMS and email reminders on credit card customers. They found email reminders had little effect, but text messages increased credit card repayments by approximately 28 per cent.

Customer Feedback via SMS

There are a number of avenues available for collecting customer feedback. Text messages are by far the most effective. Online reviews can be too public and, as we’ve seen, the response rate to email is not overly compelling.

Sending a short (text message) ‘rate our services from 1 – 5’ and giving customers the option to respond via 2-way text saves time while still garnering vital customer feedback. Using any SMS API, you can automate a follow-up message asking customers to write a short review as well.

For business owners, customer feedback is essential for growing and making improvements. It also makes customers feel valued and heard and encourages greater customer loyalty.