OTT services pushed the ordinary SMS backward.

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Smartphone users have already forgotten that a message sent to another user can be limited in the number of symbol, as well as an additional fee for exceeding the amount of information in a single sms message!

This is directly connected with emerging of OTT services.

What is OTT?

OTT (Over The Top services) is a technology that allows you to deliver content to any user connected to the Internet directly via the http Protocol. This means that the user doesn’t have to worry about which mobile phone operator he or she uses, as well as the number of symbol he or she has sent. Therefore, the popularity of messengers is constantly growing! And in turn, the developers of messengers only warm up interest by adding new features for users to their applications: emoticons, gifs, voice messages, voice communication, video communication, bots, and information channels. Now you can use the messenger to pay your bills!

Date from 2018: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger still occupy the leading positions in the world! In one year, the audience of these messengers has grown by 30%! 

Number of messenger users in the world

Today WhatsApp also ranks first in terms of geographical coverage-128 countries!

Popular instant messengers in the world
Popular instant messengers in the world

Mobile operators has loses, regarding the rising of users/ subscribers interest toward  OTT services.  

According to various estimates of industry experts, mobile operators ‘ losses range from $100 million to $2 billion per year. 

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