VoIP & AI going hand to hand to the next level of future

VoIP utilizes the Internet to make phone calls (to an increasing extent) used by businesses all across the globe. The use of AI is becoming increasingly common across numerous industries. The ability of technology to make decisions and reproduce human behavior has almost infinite potential. From a business perspective, eliminating the need for human participation to perform routine tasks improves efficiency and can contribute to smarter decision making. In the arena of VoIP, AI is likely to be actively used in the coming years. Some of the potential uses are described below.

Customer Service

AI is able to recognize the mood of the caller by analyzing speech patterns. After finding out if the caller is happy, angry or neutral, he can associate the caller with the appropriate agent. Moving forward, the AI can allow real-time call transfer, so the language will no longer be an obstacle.


AI mechanized bots can be used in enterprises to create schedules, manage meetings, and streamline processes. By performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, bots can free up time that employees can use to perform tasks that only humans can perform.

Interactive Voice Respond-IVR

The system are designed to speed up the process of communication between employees, customers, and other mediators. When an agent receives a call, he can be provided with all the necessary information about the caller. This allows each client to be treated as an individual and means that he does not need to repeat personal information.

Conference Calling

VoIP + AI have made conference calling more common and permissible. AI going forward, sharing the ability make translations in real-time will allow customers to keep in touch with foreign clients, suppliers, and employees. 

Work Pattern recognition

Every year extremely many hours are spent creating work patterns. AI learning from working and calling templates and creating calendars automatically for employee. Moreover, preceding to important meetings, AI software can process data, reports, and business processes and structure summary maintaining all the pertinent information. All the above-mentioned methods minimizing required preparation time.

Smart routing

Leading VoIP providers are conscious of the potential for AI to boost the call routing process. The average of factors concerned in optimizing the routing of countless calls, the calls efficiency and quality date related with process is a volume that can be analyze fully by technology only. As ML and AI developing, we can foresee implementation that automatically improve routing based on the above mentioned information, thus upgrading call quality and minimizing routing costs lucrative for all.