SMS A2P Traffic Disclosure by Sectors #BFSI

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO A2P SMS A2P SMS is the most pervasive channel for commercial communication. One of the biggest standouts of A2P messaging, is the incredible open rates. Research indicates that 90% of A2P messages are read within three minutes. The stickiness makes A2P SMS platforms the perfect vehicles to send time-sensitive messages to multiple customers […]

RCS, the next generation of SMS, is the New OTT Platform

Messaging has emerged as the consumers’ preferred mode of interaction with brands. Business Messaging can longer be confined to the plaintext SMS that cannot support the sharing of rich media or two-way interaction between brands and their customers. This, however, does not mean that the SMS has lost its sheen for business messaging. The SMS […]

Effectiveness of Conversational Marketing in RCS Business Messaging

Over the years, building real-time conversations with prospective clients is incredibly important for every business. Research done by Hubspot shows that 80% to 90% of consumers want to have an immediate response when they have questions about marketing, sales, customer queries etc. Sending emails to customers may get lost, so this leverages having a live chat option […]

RCS-multimedia texting system.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) expand on the functions that you would find in standard SMS or MMS, which is the most well-known multimedia texting system. How rich communication services work and hit on some of its strengths and weaknesses.  General understanding of RCS Rich communication services (RCS) is a type of text-based protocol for mobile […]

RCS Business Messaging: Unfold opportunities with next-gen texting

It’s been 30 years from the very moment when first SMS was send. SMS is the most essential channels in the world of communication. Once a far-fetched vision, mobile phones have evolved rapidly. Today, people carry their whole world in their smart devices but SMS evolved as much as it could. While the communications landscape […]

Boosting Chatbots with RCS Messaging

Recently there has been a lot of buzz created around chatbots, stating they will replace apps, and even cut costs and give a good ROI, but it is not possible to achieve all these results without generating high engagement. According to reputed research, 51% of people expected business to be available to them 24hrs a […]