Content development in pandemic times: B2B marketers are struggling to produce enough content

Content marketing remains a challenge to many business-to-business (B2B) marketers, according to a new survey by Finite – a body representing the global B2B technology marketing community. It found that 35% of B2B marketers struggled to produce enough content to reach and engage with audiences in 2020. The challenges facing B2B marketers right now Finite grilled […]


The role of different governments of the world in the field of AI Government enthusiasm for AI has picked up recently, and numerous government authorities are beginning to pose similar inquiries business chiefs were asking a few years back. Governments and huge NGOs are beginning to put resources into AI, spending budget and time on […]

Digital transformation. Everything is too blurry but we need to move on.

Have you come across this picture such a popular in social networks these days asking people what inspired their digital transformation? Was it 1. CEO 2. CTO or 3. Covid-19 ? Already, 70% of companies had a digital transformation in place or were working on one, but it seems most companies were not far enough along to […]

Top 10 B2B Digital Marketing Trends in 2020.

B2B marketing is definitely entering an age of possibility in 2020. Without question, the future is bright for digital with “Forrester predicting” that digital marketing spending will reach $146 billion by 2023. In B2B, there are important shifts from more B2C inspired tactics to a more focused effort to engage Millennial age buyers: 45% of B2B technology […]

Hallmarks on VoIP resulting innovations and growth in #2019.

VoIP and AI (artificial intelligence) are two of the fastest-growing elements of the technology sector. VoIP utilizes the Internet to make phone calls (to an increasing extent) used by businesses all across the globe. VoIP utilizes the Internet to make phone calls (to an increasing extent) used by businesses all across the globe. The use of AI […]

Ad in B2B is do working!

Pros and Cons about B2B advertising and marketing. They say main argument against the advertising in B2B based on personal relationship and appointments not on investing in advertising.  Long collaboration period, not easy product to sell, unformed demand might make ad less effective. #1 b2b social platform #content #blog #corporate literature It’s not enough to […]

The importance of being VoIP provider.

Why we need VoIP provider companies? IP telephony came to change ordinary telephony into progressive one. To understand the difference between traditional international telephony and VoIP telephony, welcoming you to have a glance at simplified telephony schemes: Here we can see that traditional telephony users needs many intermediary companies (large telecommunications companies). Where do they come […]