Artificial Intelligence: From Hype to a Must-have

From being not much more but a catchy phrase to one of the most promising and powerful technologies, AI has come a long way. While communication and digital service providers start to implement ever more solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the technology is growing stronger by the minute. The predictions, in fact, are that without AI-driven systems, telecoms won’t be able to survive in a highly competitive, digital-first market. 

So, what is the state of AI implementation in telcos? What solutions are the most popular at the moment, and which are expected to surge in the coming months? How are operators handling the technology, and what benefits is it already bringing?

AI: the most effective employee you could dream of

Implementing pervasive AI is not only about following the new, innovative technology. It is about optimizing costs, and resources in an industry that is becoming far more complicated than ever before. With complex architectures, distributed infrastructure, 5G networks and digital-native customers, the telecommunications market is becoming a very complex field. AI can be a remedy to that.

With its intelligence, swiftness, and non-stop performance, it can be the perfect addition to a traditional human-based workforce. In the long term, it can help telecoms save money and precious time on service provisioning and maintenance. 

Safety first

The digital world is full of dangers. Technological threats and cyber-fraud are making it hard to maintain security, both in terms of business functioning, and customer privacy. AI’s ability to predict, prevent and counteract threats can be very helpful when it comes to fraud management. One of the most effective AI-driven solutions used by telecoms involves machine learning classifiers.

“ML classifiers are able to account for complex relationships between many attributes, which is difficult for rule-based systems. Periodic training of classifiers allows them to take into account changes in fraudster behavior. Utilizing machine learning means there is no need for the manual creation of very complicated rules, because the classifiers are learned on the basis of known examples“.

An AI-driven future for telecoms

With 5G growing strong, telecoms will be searching for new ways to automate their operations. Among the potential solutions will be AI-driven preventive maintenance, and automated cross-vendor self-healing and auto-scaling. This new technological era, coupled with universal service delivery in fixed and mobile domains, poses a new challenge for telcos which must manage vast, complex and, in many cases, remote network field infrastructure, where maintenance optimization is crucial. Apart from that, communications service providers will have to avoid becoming locked in to any individual vendor as they update their networks.


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